Gloria Logan - Professional Dog Trainer in Olathe, Kansas

Gloria Logan – Professional Dog Trainer in Olathe, Kansas

I’ve shown and trained dogs for thirty-plus years. I have two Standard Schnauzers who have AKC Obedience titles. For each exercise taught, you will see the finished product demonstrated by one of my dogs. I teach owners and their dogs to co-exist and have fun without becoming frustrated. Commands are useful in building that positive relationship. I explain in detail commands, techniques and methods owners should use for best responses from their dog.I enjoy teaching owners to understand the behavior of their dog and show them how to give basic commands making their pet a wonderful, trustworthy companion. I share my knowledge and experience while encouraging my students to have patience, understanding, and fun.”My Goals:

  • Keep dogs out of shelters
  • Teach dogs manners and basic commands
  • Teach dogs to be good companions that are well trained and easy to live with
  • Give your dogs direction and purpose

While owners train their dogs, they develop a bond that includes trust and love that will last a lifetime. My classes use positive reinforcement. The primary reinforcement is verbal rewards, such as praise. Food rewards are also used to help encourage your dog. My training methods are both effective and fun.

Training your dog never stops. It is a life long commitment. Every day owners will be using the commands they learn in class. I enjoy people who love their dogs and want to learn. I listen to my students and help them achieve the relationship and bond they want with their dogs.


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